Parents visit and some stitching


Visiting our cemetery..aka our work place


our little dungeon


my friends at church plus a white-haired visitor.  


FHE with the Bishops family and our wonderful Elders.   the yellow turkey game in the background is similar to Don’t eat Pete.   We called it No se Come a Pedro.   Young Daniel (age 5) loved it!!  We even used M & M’s


eating out YUMMY


more eating out. Empanadas.   A ghost arm with a green shirt.  


our new friend at the airport


a bit of stitching… Elder vs glass door.   How do you like the 2 different colored gloves.  


I like sharing these pictures.  These memories come and go so quickly.  It was really great to have the parents stay here with us for a week.  They brought us new sheets for our bed.  SUPER GREAT!!!    We can buy sheets here but… they get those yukky little balls on them pretty quickly and they’re expensive.  Thanks much for the gift.

I tried to find a picture of us actually working …. and well..   I guess I will need to hunt a little harder.  HA HA

Hugs to you all



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