Feliz Navidad, Piano students, Hermanas


Our Christmas party with 4 zones. The office elders doing a wonderful song… and dance.


Time with the sisters. A family had a pet bunny. SO cute…


I was under the the assumption that there were NO snakes in Chile… WELL… the Hermanas and I found one!! YUKK


our district leader at our meeting. Showing off his art work.


A great time with the missionaries in Achupallas. Doing a little artwork


just having fun!!


My favorite girl Kelly. When we first got here and started doing piano lessons with her twin brother, she hid in the bedroom. She wanted nothing to do with piano lessons. with the help of Brian translating I wanted to encourage her to let the music of the gospel be a part of her life. She struggles with depression. And now… every time she sees me she hugs me. That’s her grandma sitting next to her. The first time her grandma has been to church for years. During her time to perform her song, she asked me to sit next to her. AWWW


My two twin students… being silly.


Ignacio playing Joy to the World. He plays with his heart and loves the piano


Love this family of Yolanda’s


My other piano student. A young girl that’s going to be 12 next year. She memorizes songs so quickly. She played Noche de Luz.. (Silent Night) her uncle is learning the violin so he played the last 2 verses with her. It was fantastic.  Little brother in the back has a different opinion.


Our wonderful young friends from Argentina. Their family moved her a few months ago. we love these kids


Christmas pizza time!!


Looks delicious doesn’t it


Our Christmas gifts from Ignacio and Kelly. What a memorable Christmas this was for us.


“Our Daddy.”.. he finished up in October. Came back for a visit and to help out with the Christmas concert.


Christmas p-day time with our missionaries.  we all met at the mission office.  We had lots of outside games.  Lots of food, skits, laughter, and Christmas gift bags for everyone.  


Brian and I in our skit. We were supposed to sit there and look old and goofy!! Nailed it!!


Our skit… me playing with the selfie stick


Our lovely friend Lorena. Walking her down to the bus stop so she wasn’t alone when it starts to get dark.


The Hermanas p-day. They came to see where we work.  Cemetery 3 Playa Ancha


The Hermanas p-day at the puerta. It’s a beautiful spot. Brian and I are going to have a boat ride


Time with the Hermanas. Playing a little bit of Yahtzee. I gotta work on the chunky chin pictures.


Our district!! We are getting ready for a skit.


We are on stage for our skit looking out into the audience.


The Miracle of the Cookies


The girls are super excited to help mix the cookie batter


did I say SUPER excited!!!


Brian and Jose watching with great anticipation


Mama Natacha helping with the process


ME…. just trying to get my head out of the way… One eyed Brian. ha ha


While the cookies are baking the kids are teaching me how to play monopoly… on the smallest board ever


I can barely see the board.


YEAH…. Monopoly is awesome

Here’s the reason I call it the miracle cookies…  Brian and I brought the brown sugar and chocolate chips with us (they don’t have the brown sugar and chocolate chips that we are used to)   Natache said she had all the other ingredients.  WELL…. when we got there we found out that wasn’t exactly the story.  She was hoping we could use lard instead of butter….  She also thought using baking powder instead of baking soda would work.    AND they didn’t have vanilla.  No biggy on that one.  We used cinnamon instead.

So, Brian and the kids walked to the little shop next door and bought butter and baking soda.  The butter was super cold.  We had mama put it in the micro to just help soften it a bit.  She accidentally had it in there for too long and it was completely melted.   I have never had luck with cookies when the butter is totally melted.  BUT… what can you do now.   We put it in there with the sugars and started blending it up.   Kids hands were helping taste test everything.  Especially the brown sugar, chocolate chips and oats.  I didn’t think these cookies would work out at all.   The oven had 3 temperatures.  Lo, Med, Hi.    We picked medium and to my shock they turned out fabulous.

I didn’t take a picture because we were eating them so fast.

What a fun family.   The oldest girl has her song memorized for Christmas.  She is one of my piano students.  She is playing Silent Night.  A family friend is learning the violin and he came that night to show us how they are practicing together.  It sounded awesome.

We have a little keyboard for her to practice on.  She loves playing and likes to memorize songs.  I will get a picture of them performing later on.   They loved my headband.  Apparently it glows in the dark.  We showed a little video and turned the lights off and they were all pointing at my head.

We had a great evening with games, treats, music and good company.

HUGS to you ALL