November 1st is a holiday in Chile. It’s similar to our Memorial Day. They had a huge program (mass) at the cemetery and TONS of people everywhere. They were all cleaning and decorating their family members grave sites.


Flowers were everywhere. It’s a pretty location with the ocean right there.


The father had many words to say to the gathering. He spoke about not coming to the cemetery and being SAD forever. He talked about those that have died are not sad they are with Jesus and they are happy. They sang lots of songs that were really beautiful to hear. We really liked the ceremony.


This… on the other hand was not so exciting….. Our day at the Registration office (DMV experience) We tried to figure out the system. Our little paper said E 62. And… on the BIG BOARD…. all we saw was A80. WHAT??? Then it would flash a C40 or so… Yeah?? Luckily we were only there for 1.5 hours. We figured out the system and made it through. The lady that was helping us was…. at the end of her shift…. She didn’t want Brian to answer any of the questions she asked me. HHHMMM   Yep that went well.   Her eyes rolled more times that I could count.  

Hugs to you all