Dogs, Saying good-byes and Hellos


we are missing our friends… The Gould’s … They left Oct. 6th. Back to their life and family in Utah. They were FANTASTIC senior missionaries. They left behind their dear friend Lorena. She loves them so much.


A little road trip with the Goulds before they left. This place had a fantastic coast line. The area behind us was an old Whale processing establishment..


A Crazy Crab


Crazy dog loved packing around this crab. He would throw the crab then run and grab it. I KNOW…. I KNOW…. It’s kinda gross but… hey we were at the beach cleaning up and that was a bit of entertainment. Funny thing was… we were the only ones there to clean because we didn’t get the memo that the event was cancelled. OH WELL..


Dog toy


Brian found a giant cockroach. NICE…. luckily we have not seen any more than this dead one.


Lorena…. trying to be happy even with her best friend Hermana Gould gone.


Our new sister missionary. She works in the office with her hubby. They took over for the Gould’s.

A few more pictures on their way…




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