I said…. You can’t make waffles on a grill that is for sandwiches. (George Forman type grill)


Oh yes I can!! And He did it. These were tasty little waffles made on that grill. Never underestimate a man when it comes to grilling!!!




Dogs, Saying good-byes and Hellos


we are missing our friends… The Gould’s … They left Oct. 6th. Back to their life and family in Utah. They were FANTASTIC senior missionaries. They left behind their dear friend Lorena. She loves them so much.


A little road trip with the Goulds before they left. This place had a fantastic coast line. The area behind us was an old Whale processing establishment..


A Crazy Crab


Crazy dog loved packing around this crab. He would throw the crab then run and grab it. I KNOW…. I KNOW…. It’s kinda gross but… hey we were at the beach cleaning up and that was a bit of entertainment. Funny thing was… we were the only ones there to clean because we didn’t get the memo that the event was cancelled. OH WELL..


Dog toy


Brian found a giant cockroach. NICE…. luckily we have not seen any more than this dead one.


Lorena…. trying to be happy even with her best friend Hermana Gould gone.


Our new sister missionary. She works in the office with her hubby. They took over for the Gould’s.

A few more pictures on their way…



Fires, Sand Dunes, Houses built upon a Rock.


A big fat house fire…. We were laying there sleeping at midnight thirty… suddenly dogs are barking… nothing new there… sirens going off…. nothing new there either. But these sirens got louder and closer. Come to find out there’s a fire right out our back window. About 100 yards away. we are on the 10th floor. Kept us up for more than an hour taking pictures. No one was hurt. A few days later they tore off the burnt top and the structure below built from cement is still being lived in. Pretty great evening adventure…



Fun time visiting Concon. Loved the beach and the dunes. The sun was super bright. What a fantastic coast line.



We took a nice hike to the top of the dunes. We chose to leave our shoes on because we were worried about broken glass that was scattered around.


These next few pictures were of an AMAZING house built upon the rocks…. Seriously a house built upon the rock…. It was fabulous looking. Look at the great pool and rock garden area. we were hoping for a guided tour in there. But… apparently people actually live there. And don’t want people parading around in their house all day long. They have it fenced off for quite a ways down the coast line. It made me think of the song… The Wise Man built his house upon the Rock. I might call it… The Rich man built his house upon the Rock. HA HA..



We sure love all you guys… We are loving our time here. We are super happy that Spring and Summer are on their way…. Hooray. We need to get the sunscreen out that’s for sure.


Halloween is going to be here soon.  Not sure how that works here.

Also… Thanksgiving … we will attempt to do a fun “traditional” dinner with some of our awesome Elders.

Hugs    Elder and Hermana Allen