Fiesta Day, Hermana time, and gifts


This was the womens sack race… I am in there too.  Try to find me…     Also the lady in the orange jacket wore that all day.  I don’t know how.  It was so warm.  But she did it!!


The men lining up for the sack race.  The 2 young men on Brian’s right come to our English class.  They just moved here a few months ago from Argentina.  They are awesome.


Trying to show their kite wars. They really work at keeping these kites up. They don’t just stand there and watch the kite fly in the air.


Patricia getting her kite ready


This is their national dance. I tried to learn it. These 2 from our ward were very good at dancing.  They have a darling little boy who just turned one.  They sit in front of us at church and the little guys keeps us entertained.  


My wonderful time with the sisters… Love these girls


Every time I gotta have carmel popcorn… and chocolate too.  Late night snacks.  Missing the sweet hermana Camargo in the center….   She is now back in Peru with her family.    The sister on the other end is from Argentina.  Can you believe she turned 30 a few months back?  She is here until January.   I get to visit her again in 2 weeks.  YEAH!!


Yeah…. Gifts from the USA. Brown Sugar & chocolate chips equals…. cookies.   Thanks again wonderful Hansen family.


AWWw a cute doggie card. I still miss my doggie


My favorite picture… my favorite Brazilian elders ever!! I still miss these 2.  Seriously  BEST ever.  I just can’t say enough good about these 2 young men.  They will be such a blessing to their future families.  


we LOVE letters and pictures from the grandkids.  Thanks Kunz family for sending these letters to us.  It makes great artwork for us to hang on the wall.  


I have my hat and my little hankie…. I am ready to dance

Random fun pictures to look at.



Fiestas, Blue Skies, Sea Lions


A little service project at this camp site called Cumorah.  It is in the city called Casa Blanca.  We dug around the bottom of the trees. Afterwards we picked oranges and lemons. We filled up a wheelbarrow full to take to our group and share.  There was more than just Brian and I doing the service project.  The rest were running back to the group too fast that they missed the photo shoot.   I did snag a few paltas. 


sweet friends. They offered to drive us to the campsite. Reinaldo y Patricia.  A great big covered area with cement floor, nice kitchen area, bathrooms.   Music and dancing   and GOOD FOOD!!  Families just bring all their gear and stay for the day.  


Some of our hills. This is on our journey home from the campsite,


Meeting some grouchy sea lions. They next time we went to visit these sea lions were being fed off the dock. 


I love these guys. This is my favorite lady. She sits and chats with me and laughs a lot. Most of the time I don’t know what she is saying but I laugh with her anyway.


Super delicious empanada filled with raspberry and white chocolate then deep fried…. then powdered sugar. Hermana Gould is headed home Oct. 6. SAD…. Lorena lives in Chile and will be helping with Family Search. YEAH


The Hills… just finishing up their mission in Peru. Came to visit Chile before heading home. As a young man he served in Vina so he wanted to visit some of his old stomping grounds.  He was teaching us the beauty of using a selfie stick.  we will be getting one now cuz look how awesome we look!!  we had quite the adventure trying to get them from Valparaiso to Vina.  Less then 5 miles.  But we stayed and chatted so late that no buses were coming by our apt any more.  we took a crazy taxi down to the Central Bus station.  Even there the buses were slowing down.  Our last resort was the bus stop by the main road.  They were troopers walking with us.  Got to meet a homeless guy who was very friendly… too friendly… shaking hands and hugging and trying to show us ID to see it was his birthday.  we were all happy when the right bus came by.    Brian and I took the crazy taxi service back up to our apt.  By then there we no more buses headed up the big hills.  Life is different without a car. 


Elder Allen in a sack race. What a great fiesta this was. Plenty of food and friends. AND fantastic weather.  They also did tug of war game, soccer, kite wars. 


enjoying the day with the Elders.  from Wyoming, Washington, Arizona, Chile and Oregon


A great photo bomb. A new member that was having a great time.

September 18th…. is their patriotic holiday.  There are no buses running us around to places so it is a day to catch up on letters,  picture downloads, laundry.  naps…

business as usual tomorrow.

we love it here.  Our time is going by so quickly it’s hard to keep up with ALL the adventures.  It is true that every day is an adventure.

Hugs to you all.