Family Night…. or Noche de Hogar


fun lady with 4 kids… She is a bit concerned because she just turned 30!!! in April… so OLD   We are standing on our 10th floor balcony.  Overlooking the city lights.  The ocean is to the left.  


Making a yummy traditional Chilean dessert. Sopapilas.. made with a squash called zapallo. kinda like pumpkin. Can you see the little girl being sooo helpful. Brings back the days of cooking from arms length, and over a small childs head


She’s such a great mama. She’s also a hair dresser lady.


Her little girl. She will be 6 in october. I have the kids write their birthday down on my family calendar.


Their whole family.  Minus littlest girl…. She was still in the kitchen rolling out her dough to fry.  


They like to draw on the white board.


The elders made it over in time for the games and the treat!!


Frying… oh yeah… frying those lovely treats in oil!!


what a fun evening we had with this family.   She taught us to make sopapillas.  Brian put together a game for the older girls to play.  He had them blindfolded and then set up a maze for them to navigate.  Meanwhile the elders were trying to either help them stay on course by telling them which way to go… or trying to confuse them by telling them the wrong way.  The people in the room are just calling out directions..  Go right… turn left…  walk straight… turn around… etc. etc.

You can guess what this activity was trying to accomplish.   We all have voices everyday giving us advice on where to go and it is important to listen to the right voice that will help us make better choices every day.  The older girls loved it.  They will be 10 and 12 this year.    Everybody had a good time.

This week I start teaching the older girl how to play the piano.  She loves to play.  She has an app on their phone they they use and she loves to come up after church and play on the keyboard.  She is excited to start learning notes etc.

It’s my hope that when I am gone she can play for their congregation.  That would be great.  They say over and over how much they enjoy having someone who can play for them.  Otherwise they just do the best they can without a piano.

Hugs to everyone.   We love you

Oh yeah…. and Hope you all enjoyed the Eclipse!!

Elder & Hermana Allen