Last Supper… Pantruca…New Elder


My first attempt at a soup called Pantruca…  Super yummy!!   It’s like the fat noodle chicken soup.  We will definitely be making this again…


a crazy dog at the cemetery….  he is very relaxed…    I have to get my dog fix in somehow.   I am not allowed to pet the dogs here because they may nasty bugs on them.    I haven’t pet a nice dog for a LONG time now.  

IMG_1937 (1)

Our new Elder….  new for us anyway.  A good one from Arizona.   We love Elder Passos from Brazil.  He is so great!!!   He is an older Elder and fantastic to work with.  He is learning English and does really good.   We are so lucky to have these great young men to work with.    They came for lunch after church today.  I made the pantruca again.   And… this time it was even better.  We had apple crisp with ice-cream for dessert.    That’s why everyone is smiling in the picture.  


How do you like the HUGE Lily…. and it is real.   The flowers here are beautiful.  This was one of our rainy days….hence the awesome rain boots and hoodie.

IMG_1921 (1)

Our dessert on the cruise ship!!!   I mean in Chile on our mission.   Hermana Diaz makes such great food.   Super delicious…

IMG_1920 (1)

More of the wonderful food for the youth (and adults)  that are heading home.  Come hungry!!!   

IMG_1919 (1)

Dessert Heaven… postres…

IMG_1918 (1)

I will miss you Hermana….   

Hugs to all… Thanks for you continuing thoughts and prayers for us.  And for these wonderful youth.  I am so glad to be here with them.

IMG_1931 (1)

Last but not least…. In Sunday school today we talked about the 2 types of Lobos inside us….One who is kind, compassion, love, patience etc.   The other is grumpy, angry, blames, hates, etc.   which Lobo will survive….     The one you feed!!       Nice drawing to go with his message.   And… i am understanding Spanish at church more and more.  Not talking just listening.   In fact I understood about 72% of the last speakers comments.   He did talk slowly.  Which was great for me.  

Until next time….

Elder & Hermana Allen


Sunny Days and Field Trips


a beautiful sunny day. we decided to take the camera to the ocean and climb out on the rocks to take pictures and sit in the sunshine.


We enjoyed the sunshine and just watched the waves come in and out.


a fabulous church activity. We did skits and then had treats. I made a apple cake. Because it was homemade everyone loved the cake.


Awwww. What a great group of young sisters and Elders. They are all smiles. Even though the evening was misty and chilly.                                                                                                                   Brian and I had quite the adventure getting there. We were bus hopping… trying to get closer to the right building. Our last resort was to ask a toothless native where we might find la iglesia de mormones. He took us to the building on his way home. He took us through some pretty dicey areas that we would not had gone by ourselves. What a great little miracle to help us get to our destination.




This looks like the grudge house. it is time to knock it down. We walk past it every time we go to our ward building. After the last rain storm some of the dirt and building materials were falling out onto the ground.     Right next to it are some very beautiful and colorful hostals and restaurants and they have the stairs all painted different colors.  


The women helping with the field trip. Like trying to herd cats….




The bus ride home with every chair taken by the kids….  Made for a very interesting and LOUD bus ride home.  We aren’t sure if it was a holiday or just a fun day for these kids to dress up and go for a field trip of some kind.  Reminded me of times of taking kids on field trips … when as a teacher you just want to keep all the kids together.  


On our ride home from beach. We got to enjoy the bus ride home with a group of kids on a field trip. How do you like the costumes.


Well friends…  What a great month of June…   Off and running to July.   I wonder what we will do for 4th of July??   I am guessing that no one around here cares about 4th of July BBQ and firework show!!  Maybe we will find a sparkler… or candle.. to celebrate with you all.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.  Hugs to you

Elder and Hermana Allen