Rainy Days, Hiking Days and Mother’s Day


Our first look at rain here in Valpo. It was fairly impressive. The best part was ALL the red mud that comes flying down the hills. Their drain system works fairly well…. just couldn’t keep up. Luckily this lasted only a day. We did decide to buy an umbrella though. Standing in the rain waiting for the bus wasn’t fun.


we also learned it’s wise to stand away from the road a bit when the buses go by….   They can splash the water pretty good.  


One of our favorite things to do is google hangout chat with the grandkids.  They are so fun to talk to.  Katelyn definitely gets her turn… or else!!   She especially likes  to  talk to grandpa


okay…. so this picture may not be so thrilling to look at.  But, these are some of the old records we are taking pictures of for family search people to index and find their family names and dates.  Anyway…. we thought it was interesting because notice that to put together this paper they did not use tape… they stitched it together with thread.   Maybe tape wasn’t invented in 1845…. I don’t know.  But… there’s an interesting old record


luckily….  the rain only lasted a day.  The next day was sunny and bright…  on the bus ride home we see this street dog so happy for the sun that he was asleep on his back in the plaza.   Just made me laugh.   They do take care of their street dogs.  They have water for them all over the place.  And the people here feed them.   We will walk around and see piles of dog food randomly placed.   They don’t clean up the dog pies however…. be careful where you step.  HA HA


Our trip to Vina…   we looked for a place to hike and found an outdoor ampitheater.   It was pretty fun to walk  around it.  Looks like it gets used.   


our hike by that ampitheater.   We try not to compare….however…. just sayin’…. it’s not quite like hiking in the Oregon gorge….  Nice view of Vina though.  And a beautiful day to be out hiking around.  



Our Mother’s day guests..   We made… or attempted to make… a fairly traditional Chilean meal.  It’s like shepherds pie.  A nice meat base with corn in it.  Mashed potatoes on top.  A few black olives with the pits still in them scatted in the meat.  Baked up nice and then cheese on top. The elders loved it.  Some nice rolls and jello with whip cream.  Super yummy.  They make awesome bread here.  So… we always have bread to eat.   I made some lemon bars for dessert.  Everyone was happy .   Elder Almeida being goofy in the background.    They stayed at our apt to call their moms for Mother’s Day.  Very sweet experience since the moms and families are so very excited to see and hear from their boys.  


While eating dinner with the 2 Elders we hear a knock at our door.  Which was weird cuz we only know the 2 that are sitting across the table from us.   We open the door and 3 more missionaries come in holding flowers and a gift bag.  They are there to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day.   It was so great!!   What an awesome group of young men.  

Life goes merrily on….  We even felt a little tremor on Sunday again… now we just smile and don’t get to excited about it.

Every day brings something new and different.  We love the new experiences.  Life is good.

Thanks to everyone who sends little notes on Facebook or replies on this blog.

We are healthy and happy and eat way too much bread!!  But, it’s so good!!!

Elder & Hermana Allen