Birthday Fun


A really beautiful palace we toured.


taking pictures of the ocean. Very windy.


first time on the “subway” I was thinking it would be a quiet ride….not so… there was a performer who rode with us playing music and singing. After he was done. Get the money out!! It sounded pretty good so we gave money. Just like everyone else. It was a nice ride compared to the buses.


more palace pictures. They had a great mirror in the foyer. Brian took lots of pictures on his nice camera…


The beach at Vina. Such a nice day. Lots of people out and about at the beach. Some swimming. Although the water is still pretty cold.


Birthday dinner was a Peruvian restaurant. Brian had seafood of some sort. I was really happy the waitress brought out English menus. Because I was thinking of getting some skewers thing. Come to find out on the English menu that it was beef hearts on a skewer. AHHH NO THANKS… So I had chicken and some tasty red rice.


This is how we spent Brian’s birthday this year.  A lovely trip to Vina Del Mar.  A bit of walking around, a bit of touring and some eating, of course.  It was a fun day.

we are enjoying our time here.  I put occasional pictures on FaceBook if you want to see more pictures.

Every day is something different.  We got to  feel a few earthquake tremors.  Nothing new apparently to those who live here.  For us… we got a little more excited about it.

At the cemetery…. where we work in the  back room with all the old books.  They gave us a nice escape route.  Just in case…  They are concerned because the building is really old.  They don’t want to have 2 crushed gringos in the back room.

Hugs to all

Elder & Hermana Allen


Time with The Living


a fun evening planned by the elders…. people brought sandwiches, chips and sodas to share.   The Elders did a little skit.   It was celebrating an elder who was  going home.  Funny thing was…. the Elder had already gone home 3 days before… HHHMMM… Kinda like, after you are gone we will celebrate.   Fun times


Cutest little brown eyed beauty.   She wanted to hang all over her mom while the Elders were trying to chat with her.   I volunteered to hold her so her mom could listen and talk.  Best hour for  me.   Her older sister joined us and we played with their stuffed animals.  The older sister taught me the names of the animals…. since I don’t know them in Spanish.  Now I do.


Artwork time.   Elders teaching about Pascua…  (Easter) and about Jesus Christ being resurrected.  It helped that we all got paper and pencils to draw what we heard.  This room is their living room area.  Kinda doubles as a hall to the kitchen area.  Fun family.   I know have  mine and  Brian’s pic hanging up in out apt.


I went with the Hermanas for the afternoon, evening and over night.  They walked and walked!!  IT was great.  We visited 4 different ladies, walked miles, rode the bus, taught an English class in the evening.  Super hard workers.   This lady made us a HUGE lunch.  Their eat BIG lunches and small dinners.   The lunch I had was a plate I would give to a teenage boy.  Creamed lentil soup,  next was plate full of rice, meat, veggies.  Then… dessert.   I wasn’t hungry again until the next afternoon.


Great group of ladies.   The super smiley one in the grey is trying to learn about Jesus and live a happier life.  She talks fast and shared her story.  I understood about… 10% of it.  But I smiled a lot and gave hugs.   They hug a lot.


Had a sleep over with these awesome sisters….  We stayed awake and talked a lot…. luckily in English…. about families… life… work… schooling… hopes… dreams… etc.   They got me up at 7 am to work out… then study.  Then on bus we went back to the city.   Their apt is about 20 minute bus ride away from Valpariso.   It ‘s quiet, neighborhood area.  yards, kids playing in cud-de-sacs.  people have cars.  It was nice to see a difference.  AND… at night…. it was quiet.  Not the continuous barking dogs.

Well folks… that’s all for now.

Hugs to you all

Elder & Hermana Allen