Birthdays & OLD pianos


Happy Birthday Daniel….


Fun “surprise” birthday for one of the Elders…. during a zone conference. Nothing like a few minnions to wish you a great birthday. Good food. Great Company.


A beautiful old piano. Look at the wood!! I was the only one who knew how to play that day. So… I did it. I would love a piano like this when I get home. Maybe Santiago will ship it to me. HA HA

We are continuing to have new adventures every day.  Bus rides…  a fire off in the distance that had the city of ValPo shut off for hours…  We don’t know why??  Oh well

We saw a nice little taxi…. they drive like maniacs… ..  crash into a building.  That was exciting .

I don’t know how to speak Spanish like I want to.  Apparently  it takes longer than 6 weeks.  : )   I can understand more than I did at the beginning.  Still a far cry from chatting it up with people on the bus.

Brian can talk for  me.  So… that’s the good news.

The food is good and we are enjoying the people and the time here.