Saturday Markets & Sunday Walks


Saturday market… could be everyday market for all we know.. we went there on Saturday. Picked up some nice paltas (avacados) , tomatoes..corn, bread Yummy


We had to buy this awesome rolling cart. Otherwise we haul everything to the bus. Besides, we’re trying to look like we belong here.


found this art museum on our walk home on Sunday. They use some sharp tools to  scrape away the black paint and it leaves the white paint as the finished picture.


Crazy old theater. We gave the phone to these guys to take the picture. And then thought… HHMM maybe not the smartest move. Oh well, we gotta trust people right?

Happy February to all



Dad vs Drug Dogs


Apparently …  Dad had quite the adventure helping these delicious cookies become a reality for us in Chile.   While coming through customs he had the drugs dogs sniff him out!!!  They made him unload ALL his luggage only to find brown sugar and chocolate chips.  The workers put BIG red tape around his luggage to let other dog handlers know that he has been checked.  My dad likes to fly under the radar (pun intended)   So for him to be walking through the airport with the BIG red tape on his luggage was not his favorite deal.  OOOHHH  the things we have to  do for our kids…    Thanks much dad.  I am sure your ride home was much easier.   


Much…. much easier… Yep… he can read through those shades. pretty amazing guy.

Hugs to all


Treasures from home


a great visit with mi Padre… It was fun to have him here for a quick visit


Brian testing out the new exercise equipment. This can be a treadmill, rowing machine, stationery bike and some abd workout. Pretty crazy looking


OH YEAH!!! We found subway. Now Dad can smile the most. He tried to use his Subway bonus card. YEP Gotta love it


AWWWWW… the baking begins. Brian made excellent chocolate chip cookies. Delicious


SELFIE time. We sure like having Dave, Jacob, and dad here. We took them on a crazy bus ride to the cemetery. A wander through down and back home on another bus ride. Had an empanada and dessert deal.


Baby cemetery…. I know it’s a bit creepy but they don’t have headstones… it just looks like cribs everywhere.

We miss you all…  But we are having some grand adventures here.  Some  of them include bus rides.

we decided yesterday to just try and get on a bus and see where it goes.  Yep. another adventure.

We have wi-fi now in the apartment.  YEAH!!!

I wish I could say that I speak Spanish now.   But, that would be a fat lie. I can hear and understand it better.  But… I don’t have much to say out loud.  Lots to say in my head.  But so far that is where it stays.

Hugs to all

Brian and Sheri

Cemetery work

Our view…. when we take a break

we like the lighthouse view… Very interesting cemetery.


Brian working hard. Complete outfit with mask and gloves. That book is over 100 years old. Family index ppl LOVE getting this information


Every day they feed us lunch. This meal was excellent.

We made it to CHILE!!!!

Yep… we’re here.   The weather is fantastic.  The skies are blue.  We love the food and the people are great.  I still don’t speak Spanish. I keep hoping  I will wake up in the morning and I suddenly know how to  speak the language.  After 5 days here… it hasn’t happened yet.  Also  FYI… time difference is 5 hours from Pacific time.   OH YEA


kitchen. complete with fruit bowl. Yummy fruit


the living room. We eventually exchanged the suitcases for a brand new couch


kitchen sink


my washing machine


yep… the bathroom. That is the real size!! The water is hot and it works great. No spiders


our bedroom. Complete with chocolates on the bed.


view from balcony window. Right on the ocean.


our young leaders… helping us figure out the bus system. They don’t speak English. AND I don’t speak Spanish. So it’s great


learning to cook …

My dryer… sunshine and blue skies

We have worked in a cemetery helping them preserve records…. more exciting pictures to see when I take them.

We like it here.   Life is great.

Hugs to all